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Isn't it ironic..?

I've been feeling super great lately..yes I know it's not nice to rub things in, but I'm just saying how it is. Been working out a lot more lately, taking vitamins, resting more, spending more time with the hubby, and getting to know so many of you wonderful ladies..

Well today I have an interview for a second job and how do I feel..? Awful!! Pretty sure I'm getting a cold or something, but all I want to do is go back to bed. UGH!!! And I've already been warned the interview will be about an hour and a half..ouch!!!

Ok enough about have you been..?

Don't forget to enter my contest!!

Contest Time

This is my first contest so I'm going to make it really easy on you and myself (haha!!).

Prize: Stila Kitten Eye Shadow Value $18

How to win: Just email me with your name and email address at and a winner will be chosen randomly. Please make sure to make the subject of your email "Stila Kitten Eye Shadow". All emails must be in by September 10th, 10pm Eastern Time.


  1. Good luck on your interview!!! I hope you feel better soon babe! MWAH!!! I need to find time to work out too :(

  2. Thank you! I just want to go to sleep, I was hoping they would call me to reschedule it, but no


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