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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of July 21, 2024 | #drugstoremakeup #couponing

Get Positively Beautiful

I don't know about you ladies, but I am OBSESSED with What Not to Wear. My favorite part of the show is obviously when Carmindy has her 2 minutes to shine. She has just released a second book, this book is focused more on inner beauty, but it also includes some of her makeup tips. I'm going to Barnes & Nobles asap to get this book. Will you??


  1. i have never seen that show. maybe you could do your own Blog "what not to wear!"

    i'm following you on Twitter. tweet tweet!

  2. hey there im abby i was browsing and ran across your site.

    i love what not to wear. its really amazing how those total makeovers really make a difference.

    i definitely want to check that book out

  3. yo folk, all yawl ladies out here talking beautification should put yawl own book together with a sister on the cover - so im calling u, clumps, browngirl gumbo, and Wes to maqke it happen - yawl know yawl stuff. my two cents

    i belive in yawl why not yawl self?

  4. (g)ezebel--you've really never watched the show..? I love it!! They're
    Abby--Thank you for reading my blog.
    Torrance--I've actually thought about putting a book together a few times..maybe some day soon I will get started on it..thank you for all your kind words.


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