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Big Lots=Big Love

Dom is being a bad boy lately..he's peeing everywhere. Now before you accuse me of being a bad mommy and not taking him to the vet, we already did! They gave him some pills that make him REALLY sick and he has yet to stop peeing everywhere. Last night he decided he was going to stroll over to the modem and pee on that, thankfully there was a shirt on top of it (the lights on it don't let me sleep at night, so I need to cover it). This afternoon we decided we can't keep the modem on the floor anymore so we hustled our butts over to Big Lots looking for a side table. Well we didn't find any small tables, but I was able to come across some of the makeup deals you lovely ladies have blogged about. Here's what I got:

From left to right: Almay lipgloss in Mocha, Palmer's Olive Butter lotion, Kiss My Face 3 in 1-Heather & Ruby, Sea Breeze Purifying Clay Cleanser (I thought it was a mask), & Clean & Clear Morning Glow Eye Brightener.

These brushes are AMAZING, I compare the softness to my Essence of Beauty brushes that I bought at CVS. LOVE them!! The best part is they were all $1 or$2!! You can't beat that price!! With all these new brushes now I'm going to have make myself a Sephora type brush

From left to right: angled eye shadow brush, concealer brush, blush brush, foundation brush, blender brush. The brand of these brushes is: Essential Tools. Their website is

These are swatches from the Kiss My Face 3 in 1. I really LOVE the colors, but this product has a slight smell that I just CAN'T take. The smell isn't bad, but I cannot put anything with fragrance on my face. Anyone want these..? I will gladly send them your way, free of charge!! Just ask!! Don't be shy!

Have you been to Big Lots lately?? If so, what did you buy?? Where do you go for unexpected beauty bargains?

***Anyone have any tips for me about Dom..?


  1. Right??? These brushes are awesome!!

  2. cool brushes! where did u get them at?

  3. I bought the brushes at Big Lots.

  4. Okay, I'll step up and ask for them. I haven't ever seen the Kiss My Face 3 in 1's around here, so I would like to give them a shot.
    If you still have'em drop me an email at this nick @gmail. And those brushes look too good. Nice haul.

  5. Ooo I gotta go tomorrow and check for those brushes! I just blogged about some items I found at Big Lots. I have one right down the street from can be dangerous meadering thru the aisles sometimes!

  6. i got one of these brushes yesterday!

  7. Vanessa,
    Which brush did you get?


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