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What Music helps you get ready?

Come on you know we all do it..we start getting ready to go out with our girls and/or man and we put on some music to helps us get ready. Well I want to know what songs help you get ready and why..

I tried to just get audio clips, but I couldn't find a site that had decent clips so I took these videos from you tube. Here are my top songs:

Michael Bublé - Feeling Good
I love this man!! His voice is amazing. Every time I hear this song it puts me in a great mood, it reminds me of a song a stripper would pick though. Watch the video and hear why..

Jill Scott - Golden
This is the perfect song to just bop your head along too. Makes you appreciate the little things in life.

Gwen Stefani-Yummy
You know I had to put a Gwen song song is just plain fun! Plus Yummy is how you should feel after you're done getting ready. This isn't the actual video, but the live version someone recorded at her concert.

Pitbull-Go Girl
I just want to dance when I hear this song!

So tell me..what songs help you get ready?


  1. I have 3 boys so quality time with the DH is few and far between.... and deeply appreciated. I could get ready to go out with cats wailing in an unbalanced dryer and still dance around like the I'm at the club already! Lol.

  2. oy. if i listened to music in the morning, i'd never get to work!! i hafta listen to the local news so i can hear the time every 5 minutes.

    but on the weekends... it would be anything dave matthews!! :0)

    ryc: girl, the last time i got in a fight 15 years ago, i had on a really sheer camisole on. doh!! but that was at underground hip hop clubs -- i started wearing jeans and doc martens afterward.

    man, i am so glad i'm too old for the clubbing scene. i'd get arrested for punching the lights outta someone.


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