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Newest Tattoo

So about 2 weeks ago the hubby and I went to get new tattoos..this is tattoo #4 for me..
I swear it's really not crooked in was hunched over when this picture was taken, it's on my lower back.

The back story to this quote is that while in Cape Cod last month the hubby and I saw this cat wandering the streets, she looked really clean and friendly so we went to check to make sure she wasn't lost. When we checked her tag it read "Hi, I'm Helen. I'm not lost, I wander. My address is 217 Main Ave." She was two doors down from her when I read the quote something about it just clicked. The CC underneath stands for Cape Cod, not closed captioning like my friend first

Do you have any tattoos..? If so what are they and what do they mean to you?


  1. LOL at "closed captioned." i like your new ink!

    i think ink that has a personal meaning is the best ink instead of just something you pick stock off the wall.

    i have 6 tats total. by the time i'm done, i hope to have my kids' names on my wrists, something (what??) on the back of my neck, my mom's portrait on my left arm, and half-sleeved on my left arm.

    all my ink has special meaning. my right shoulder are symbols of the man who picked me up out of depression: Prince!! my right arm is a Queen Bee that my graffiti writer husband designed. and my left ankle is a bible verse special to me. my right ankle is the tattoo i've always wanted as my first, but didn't do til 5 tats later.

  2. Yeah I agree that ink should have personal meaning, it's going to be there forever (in most of my tattoos have meaning to first tattoo is a cross and that stands for my grandfather, my second tattoo is a star with many tinys stars inside of it with a moon which stands for my family, and the third one is a green and purple shamrock that stands for my husband and his family.

    I still have a few more I'd like to get..probably another quote and put it on my wrist, and definately a dreamcatcher on the back of my neck.

  3. omg tammy... thats idk breath taking i promise... im not sure why but it makes me think. I love the font you picked too. I only have one. Its a Purple skull in bones on my pelvis. lol it sounds stupid, BUT has meaning ... purple well thats just my faveorite color but when i found out i had lupus i was scared but then after a while (long while) i was like you know what death. im not scared of you! your not gna bring me down. and well now skulls are like "the in thing" lol damn hot topic!! but ive had this since before it was cool lmao!!! and i put it there cuz ummm i didnt want my dad to see it lmao okay okay thats like such a kid thing anywhoo i want another one i want one to do w my BF, i was thinking of putting his name, but i want like a symbol or something that means him. but i want it to be perfect! bur anywhoo i LOVE yours!

  4. Hi Vanessa,

    Yeah symbols are the way to don't even have the hubby's name yet..just a shamrock as his

    I know all about getting stuff before it was cool..I had a lower back tattoo "tramp stamp" before it was popular..haha


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