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Lawless Cream Blush in Rosebud | #lawlessbeauty #blush

I've been holding out! =(

So I completely forgot to share with you that I now have a new HG mascara!! Agh!!! It's the Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara in Rich Black. I love, love, love it!! It's very similar to the Covergirl Lash Exact brush, and even the formula seems similar..except that the Max Factor brand is less sticky so my lashes don't stick together. No clean spoolie needed!! I also bought a MAXalicious Glaze by Max Factor in Weekend Getaway, since it was buy 1 get 1 free. =)

The color is really subtle, but it tastes great which means that it doesn't stay on my lips for very long. Since the lip gloss was free I don't really care that I need to keep reapplying, and for now it takes place among the many other lip glosses that are currently in my purse.


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