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Prom Time!!

No it's not time for MY prom..been there, done that!! I've just been reminiscing about it lately since I just saw my sister in law go to hers, and I see that a few of you also have family member that just went to prom. I know many people look back at prom and think about what a waste of money or time it was, but I'm really glad I went to my prom. I went to prom with a few friends (1 guy, 2 girls-lucky guy), and we weren't even supposed to go to the prom! We all decided to go to the prom about a week before the prom, even though we were all on the prom committee. Opps!! haha!! For my dress my mom, my sister, and I went a few local stores and I managed to find my dress for $80 (which I still love!-but will never fit into again), there was NO way my mom was going to spend a lot of money in case I decided to not go (haha!). My hair was done at the hair salon that my sister was going to at the time, and they gave me a great hairstyle (still think it's cute!). For makeup I did my own, and I did NOT wear enough. I looked faded by the end of the night. =( I also had an adorable glitter decal on my back of a butterfly-give me a break it was cool at that time!! =P Many of my prom pictures are still at my mom's house, but the two below are my favorites. Did you go to your prom? If so, what do you remember the most? Would you do it all over again the same way?? I would except for the makeup..haha!!

My prom dates & me..

My best friend & I


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