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NYX Haul

I tend not to buy a lot of makeup online, because I almost NEVER like the colors I end up getting. So my lack of online makeup shopping means I don't have a lot of NYX products, since the stores in my area either don't sell it or don't have a very good collection. This weekend the hubby and I went to Menlo Park Mall and I found a beauty supply store that sold a ton of NYX for really cheap!! Yay!! I would have taken a pic of their selection, but they were already looking at me funny since I was testing EVERYTHING!!

(Top Row Left to Right-NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal $3.99 and Essie Nail Polish in Secret Stash $4.99; Bottom Row Left to Right- NYX Eyeshadow in Purple $1.99, NYX Lipstick in Frosted Flakes $1.99, NYX Lipstick in Summer Love $1.99, and NYX Eyeshadow in Wild Fire $1.99.)

Swatches: Top Row Left to Right-NYX Frosted Flakes Lipstick & NYX Summer Love Lipstick Bottom Row Left to Right-NYX eyeshadow in Purple & NYX Eyeshadow in Wild Fire

Well so far I love everything except for the lipsticks, they are too light!! I look like death with these colors I'll save them for Halloween. =P

So what did you do for this long weekend?? We went shopping!! Woo-hoo!!! =)


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