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Product Review

Product Review

Sunsilk Summer Spritz $3.99

with Coconut & UV Filters

What the bottle claims: Summer hair need a lifeguard? Sunsilk summer spritz will give you anytime, anywhere hydration and protection from the summer elements-leaving you with a beautiful radiant beach-hottie glow!

(sorry for the less than perfect pic..this product doesn't have any advertisements on the internet yet and I took this pic in a hurry.)

Pros: This smells so good!!! It has the perfect beach day smell. They should make this into a perfume!! It leaves my hair really soft and shiny.

Cons: It is very easy to go overboard when spraying because of how good this smells, and that will leave you with hair that looks a bit greasy. =(

Overall: I will definitely buy this product again. Since summer isn't here yet I haven't been able to test this product out in the sun much, but when I do I will update you to let you know if it does what it claims.

4 out of 5.


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