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Getting to Know You

So I was on Karen's page a few days ago and I responded to her "Getting to Know You" and I thought I'd share it here..feel free to respond in my comments. =)

Things I’m passionate about
-My family…don’t know what I would do without them..especially the hubby and the giggle monsters that are my niece and nephew..
-My cat Dom..he’s a moody thing but I love him..
-Reading…especially the stuff that doesn’t seem to have any educational value but lets me escape my life for a bit =)
-Blogging (writing)..I have several..many anonymous…great way to vent and see what others think about your writing
-St. Jude’s Children Foundation
-Makeup..duh!! =P

Things I’d like to do before I die
-get published
-travel..a lot!!
-run a marathon
-own a colonial style house..think “The Notebook”..the house he built for her

Things I say often
-Dommie Dom!!
-Love ya!
-Can we go to (insert drug store name here)?
-You’re the best!

Books I’ve recently read
-Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
-P.S. I Love You by Celia Ahern
-Louder Than Words by Jenna McCarthy LOVED THIS BOOK

Songs I could listen to over and over
-Beautiful Day by U2
-Yummy by Gwen Stefani
-Ex-Girlfriend-No Doubt
-No Good-Kate Voegal
-Love is You-Chrisette Michele
-Roxanne-The Police
-Message in a Bottle-The Police

Traits I’m attracted to in my best friends
-Great sense of humor
-Great listener
-Good sense of knowing when to just listen and when I really need advice.


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