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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

DHC Haul

Happy Monday!!! I'm really not as chipper as that sounded, but you have to fake it till you make it right..? ;)

So after a busy day of running around and general grumpiness on Saturday, I come home to my DHC package..YAY!!!! I didn't get a lot, but every time you order something you get 4 free samples and a catalog with at least 2 samples..woo hoo!!!

Left to Right Top Row-Coenzyme Q10 eye cream-I received a sample with the last catalog I this!!, sample of After Bath Hair Treatment Oil Type-requested, Mineral Mask-requested, DHC Cleansing Oil-I was running low so I had to reorder, Extra Concentrate-came with catalog, Tocophero E Enrich Cream-came with catalog.

Left to Right Bottom Row-Head Oil-requested, and Olive Virgin Oil-this is the only sample I have tried so far and I LOVE takes a few minutes for your face to absorb this but it leaves your skin super soft and smooth!! Must buy!!

Another pic of Dom being cute while he's sleeping..his top half is curled to the side but his belly is facing up...he's a little fatty..hehe!


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