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ELF Haul

Within the past 2 weeks I've ordered from ELF 3 times!! Obsessed much??? They recently released a few of their new items and I just had to give them a try!

Here's what I bought..

ELF Nail Polish in Chocolate, Desert Haze, & Cranberry.

Hollywood Eyelashes - I really wanted the applicator on the left and for the $1.50 price I couldn't resist buying this whole set. 

Volume Plumping Mascara & Mascara Primer

Small Stipple Brush and Angled Blush Brush
This small stipple brush is amazing!! It's the perfect size for your cheeks, but I love it for applying foundation. The brushes are both firm, but soft & they are well worth the $3 price tag. 

 Baked Blush in Rich Rose
This color is very peach toned to me and I love it!! These remind me a lot of MAC MSF's.

 Maximum Coverage Concealer in Tan
Holy smokes!! I didn't think ELF had it in them to make something this full coverage!! Too bad the color tan just isn't the right color for me.

HD Blush in Superstar & Diva 
These blushes are VERY pigmented & they last all day. I actually mix this with a bit of BB cream to tone this down a bit. These will suit women with dark complexions really well & those who have fair skin need to apply this sparingly. I'm thinking about trying these out on my lips too. 

Mineral Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Miss Popular - This is what the love child of MAC All That Glitters and Satin Taupe would look like. Love!! 

Studio Blush/Bronzer in Antigua
I already have a special place in my heart for the original studio blush/bronzer duo and I love this darker version just as much. Note: This bronzer is pigmented!! Apply lightly! 

11 Piece Brush Collection - I bough this on sale for $15, the price was too good to pass up for so many great brushes. This case is the perfect size for travel and I think this is a great pick for starting makeup artists.

The brushes included are:  eyeshadow "C' brush, complexion brush, small angled brush, small smudge brush, fan brush, powder brush, angled foundation brush, concealer brush, small precision brush, blush brush, and contouring brush.

So far I really like everything I bought & I'm trying my best to not place a 4th ELF order this week!!

Please let me know if you want to see anything a little closer or if you would like a review on an item.

P.S. - I bought a few goodies for a giveaway that I will be having next week.


  1. great haul want the brushes, I honestly trough u was going to pic the darkest shades of blush don't know why ( that kind of reddish plum one.
    how are the elf mascaras?
    love to see a review

    1. ELF had posted swatch pictures of the hd blushes on their facebook, so I already new the darker colors would be way too much for me. I haven't tried the mascara yet, but I'll post a review once I do.

    2. If it is dark for u it will be def too dark for me too. I well have to try another one in a lil bit lighter than u

  2. OMG! I'm so jealous you bought the brush set for only $15! Wahhh! All of the blush colors look really pretty on you. Great haul!

  3. ELF!!!! omg I'm gonna check out ALL of these products :)

  4. I shopped at elf 2x this month already, this is a very dangerous website too many cheap good stuff to buy! I extremely love their eyebrow kit!!! oh check out for cheap quality brushes I got a set for 10 dollars and trust me the quality beat the ones they sell in sephora :) and who knows it might be a good post for your blog! (not advertising them just really please with my brushes that I got for dirt cheap) :D

    1. Thanks for the info!! I will be checking them out. =)

    2. Which set did you buy..?? There are so many!

    3. Hi Tammy, oh my goodness sorry it took me soooo long to respond!

      I bought two sets of this

      I just love them <3

  5. e.l.f.'s Studio series brushes are absolutely unbeatable for the price! Personally I'd like them to upgrade the set to contain less small eye brushes and some more of the new face brushes. The small smudge and precision brush are basically the same (and both functions can be covered with the small angled brush) and the old blush brush pales in comparison to the mineral powder brush or the new angled blush brush.
    My experience with the Essential line face brushes has not been good - I never recommend those to anyone.

    1. I agree 100%!!! They also need to come out with a fluffier blending brush, the current one blends a little too well & doesn't handle light blending well.

    2. The only fluffy blending brush was in the Mineral line! They said they will be bringing it back, it's supposedly being revamped - but I'd like to have a full set of similar looking brushes :).


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