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Fairly Summer

I received my sample order from Everyday Minerals last week, as I am always on the quest to find my shade (still no luck!!). I did receive the color below, and this color is all wrong for me. I mean WRONG. Why am I telling you this..?? Well usually I mix my colors together and make my own shade, but since Everyday Minerals was out of their usual sample size jars they sent me a mini size (10 ml jar) I would have this thing for a while. Does anyone use this color currently...?? Or are they a similar shade..?? I will gladly send it over free of charge.

This is the picture and description from the website. This color is exactly the shade when you swatch it.

Buff-Fairly Summer

When lighter buffs venture out in the open, even they get a nice tan. that has no pinkiness but rather warm and golden. Gives you a sunkissed glow of a well deserved Summer Holiday. In winter, serves as your new favorite bronzer/contour duo. -by Borso

Just comment below and the first person to ask will get this. =)


  1. yes we do need to hang out! but its too cold in NJ id freeze to a popsicle! lmao and ive never felt lol but he said he has lmao but you can take it out for no more than 2 hrs soooo im guilty of takin it out a time or two during sexy time lmao

  2. Awww honey, I hope you find your shade soon. I'm a Golden Med, w/ a dash of Neutral Beige when I'm lighter, and a dash of Olive Med when I'm tanner.

    Hope you find your shade!! Otherwise try Silk Naturals. You can custom mix from scratch.

  3. Wuzzy--I've never tried Silk Naturals...I can never find my color..everything is always slightly I'm always so lazy when it comes to mixing the colors..


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