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Mommy Monday - Sesame Place Tips

Kaley and I visited Sesame Place for the third time a few weeks ago and we had a really good time (until we didn't, but more on that later!). Since this was our third visit we knew what to expect going in and I thought I would share a few tips.

Tip #1
Get to the park early, at least 30 minutes before opening. This allows you to park and get through security quickly and this gives you a good 30-60 minutes of an almost completely empty park.

Tip #2 
Take pictures on Sesame Street as soon as you get into the park. It's empty and you're still feeling fresh and happy. 

Tip #3 
 If you're going during the Summer time, head for the dry rides first. Everyone else is going to the wet rides and the lines will be shorter for the dry rides.

Tip # 4 
 Wear your bathing suit under your clothes. One less bathroom stop. 
Please make you/your child's life easier and wear a two piece. Trying to go to the bathroom in a one piece on a hot day is just torture. Those bathing suits feel like an extra layer of skin. 

Tip # 5 
 Watch a show right before lunch time while having a snack. This gives you a much needed break from walking and the heat. Plus, it's a great way to see most of the characters and it's not too crowded around this time. 

Tip #6 
 Pack your own lunch and leave it in the car. The food is REALLY bad here and the lines for food are usually 30+ minutes. A hungry you/child makes for a lot of grouchiness. 

Tip # 7 
 Go to the water rides after lunch. This is usually around the time people are heading to the dry rides so the lines should be shorter and the area less crowded. 

Tip # 8 
 Don't pay the extra money for a locker. Leave your extra stuff in the car after you've had lunch. Put your phone/keys/debit card in a waterproof case that you can wear on the rides. This case has really good reviews and it's a 2 pack  -  Universal Waterproof Case.  Your towels, shoes, and clothes are safe on a beach chair outside of the rides.

Tip #9 
 Buy a souvenir from the gift shops, not the kiosks. The gift shops are usually cheaper and the items have prices on them. This Abby bubble machine was $37!!!

Tip #10
 Expect the unexpected. Kaley generally loves this place, but on this visit she was NOT loving it. We were tired, hungry, the water area smelled like pee, and a bird POOPED on my hand. We left the park a good 3 hours before we thought we would, but we made some great memories.

Have you been to Sesame Place? How was your experience? 


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