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Is Somebody Gonna Match My Freak? | #makeuplover #ulta

Salon Perfect Brow Pomade

I heard about this product a few months ago. Everywhere I read that it was a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Down Pomade, I tried the ABH pomade and I was NOT impressed. It reminded me a lot of a gel liner and that was just TOO much for my already thick brows. Fast forward a few months and I came across several reviews saying this was a completely different texture than the ABH pomade. For $6.00 I needed to find out for myself. 

Thre are only two color options, I purchased the darkest color. 

Can you believe this also comes with a brush?!?!
Spoiler Alert - The brush is good! 

1. Brush brow hairs upward with spooley end of brush.
2. Outline the bottom and top of brow with a small amount of brow product.
3. Lightly fill in brow.
4. Finish by blending with a spooley end of brush and filling any gaps. 


Angled brush

Let's take a closer look. This pomade is quite fluffy, it reminds me of a mousse. This can be a good and a bad thing, I'm leaning towards the good side. The bad side is that you pick up a lot of product each time you dip your brush into the pot. The good is that the product is so light it makes it easier to work with. 

The color is more on the cool side and it's a great match for my brows. 

I LOVE this!! It's affordable, fills in brows beautifully, and stays on ALL day! Plus the brush it comes with is perfect, stiff but not too stiff. 
It's not without it's cons - sold at Walmart and only comes in two colors. However this is a great find!! I think all of the pros outweigh the two cons I've found.

Do you apply any products to your eyebrows? 


  1. yes I do apply pencil, powder and wax.
    But I would love to have something that stays all day with the warm over here is not possible.


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