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Be Yourself!

Learning to love who you are is beautiful. So while this post isn't exactly makeup related I think it fits in well with my blog.
It's taken me a LONG time to get here, but I can say that I truly love myself. I'm NOT perfect, but that's ok. I've decided that I've wasted too much time not liking things about myself that I just can't change. What's the point in being miserable? In the end, don't we all want to be happy..?
 Photo Information - Keeping it casual today!! Wearing concealer, my Younique - 3D mascara, pigment in curious, and ladylike lipgloss.

I love to wear makeup. I will wear random graphic tee shirts. I read to escape & grow. I love to laugh. I love having purple hair. I love being organized. I love cookies. These are some of the things that are just a part of who I am and I have no want or need to change them.
Learning to love yourself is a choice. I choose every day to love who I am and be HAPPY!

I hope you choose happiness today!


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