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Thankful Tuesday

I love traditions!! One of my favorite traditions is buying my niece and nephew Halloween costumes. We go to a ton of Halloween stores, eat candy, and try on crazy wigs/masks. It's always a fun time. I don't want them ever to feel that just because Kaley is here that the tradition would stop. This year we had an extra helper picking out costumes. ;)

This Saturday we made it a whole Halloween adventure and went pumpkin picking, had apple cider donuts, and went on a hayride too!! We put Kaley in one of her three costumes for the day. 

Here's Kaley Bug!!

Kaley was not thrilled to be on a hayride or to pick pumpkins, she did enjoy the donuts though! lol
The official costumes will be - an owl (Kaley), a fallen angel (my niece), and a baby (nephew).

Today I am thankful for these little traditions.

What are you thankful for?


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