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Mommy Monday - 10 Months Old

Happy Monday!!

My little pumpkin turned 10 months last week. Agh!! 
I can't believe it!! I have to start planning her first birthday. Eek!!

Here are some stats on Kaley...

-She says dada, mama, & baba (bottle) regularly. Hi, bye, and nana are when she feels like it.
-She smiles as soon as you say cheese.
-Loves sorting clothes!! There's always a random pile of clothes somewhere.
-She stands!!!! Uhoh...
-She has 6 teeth!! 
-She is just SO happy. I love it!!
-She will dance to any and all music. Her favorite tends to be commercials. lol
-She claps..a lot!!

We have bought her 3 Halloween costumes already. :)

Have a great Monday!!!


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