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Maybelline Brow Drama - Hit or Miss?

Are you into the natural brow look? Then Maybelline Brow Drama is for YOU! Don't let the name fool you, it's really not dramatic at all. For me this brow mascara helps fill in the little bald spots my brows have and keep the hairs in place, without looking like I went color happy with a Sharpie. 

For my dark brows, I bought the color deep brown. 

The wand is CRAZY. It's part regular mascara wand, part spiral ball thingamabob. 
I use the tip of the ball to fill in bald spots, then I comb it through with the side of the ball. I think this wand works better, because it allows for more precision and control of where you place the color. 

My natural brows. 

After brow drama. They look more defined and less bald spotty. 

Maybelline Brow Drama is a hit for me!! 

Do you fill in your brows? If so, what do you use? 


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