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Wet N Wild Fergie's Jet-Set Palette with Swatches

I showed you a few pictures of this palette last week, but now it's time to REALLY show you what you want to see..Swatches!! This set contains 132 shades! 72 eyeshadows, 48 lip colors/glosses, 6 blushes, 3 face powders, 3 eye pencils, and 1 mirror! 

The eyeshadows. 
I hate to say it, but these are bad! Very few of the colors show up very well. I did try a few colors with a primer under them, but sadly it didn't help much. The eyeshadows in this palette are not the regular quality we get from Wet N Wild. You really have to pack on the color to get anything to show up on your eyelids, they don't blend very well, and I found them to be very powdery.

The Lip Colors.
Sadly more disappointment!! I want to say almost ALL of these glosses look clear or a light baby pink, meaning they don't do much but add shine to your lips. The few colors that did have pigment are gorgeous and did last for several hours, but there weren't very many of them.  Note: I did swatch all of these colors, but they all looked the same in the picture so I left them out. Below is a picture of the few glosses that did have some color.

The Blushes.
Finally some good news! These colors are GORGEOUS!!! They all have a beautiful sheen to them that remind me of baked blushes, they blend in beautifully, and the colors are buildable.

The Face Powders.
MORE good news!! These colors have the same texture and quality as the blushes above. The color on the right seems a bit too much in my opinion to be used as a highlighter, but this may really suit someone with fair skin. 

2 Eyepencils & 1 Lipliner
I am personally not a huge fan of Wet n Wild liners and these seem to be the same quality of what is regularly sold by Wet n Wild. The pencils are to soft and the colors smear very easily. 

Other notes:
-Retails for $30.
-Walgreens exclusive and limited edition.
-The lip glosses are directly under the eyeshadows and it can be difficult to slide the eyeshadows over without sticking your finger into one of the colors.
-I think the lipglosses should be over the eyeshadows in this palette. If you have happen to leave the entire palette open as you apply your eyeshadow you are bound to have some eyeshadow fallout on your lipglosses.
Save your money. The blushes and face powders are beautiful and if they were sold separately I would buy them in a heartbeat. Sadly the rest of the palette is a huge disappointment.


  1. You should return it! I found this in-store and knew to skip it from the bad reviews I've seen of the regular Fergie line. Thanks for swatching though!

  2. That sucks to hear :-( My palette was super pigmented although I use primer & a base.


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