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Gratitude Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful day! I was very lucky to spend my Thanksgiving with my family & friends.

Here are a few things I am grateful for..

1. Friends are the family you choose. This is my second family.
2. Mr Coffee coffeemaker. We got this on Black Friday for 50% and we didn't have to fight through any crowds for it.
3. Oh Dom...if it's a box he will try his best to fit into it. This was a gift box for a shirt my hubby received.
4. My niece sitting in a bouncy chair that is WAY too small for her. My sil sent me a video of her counting to 4 today...she's growing up so fast!!

I hope you all are able to see the little things to be grateful for!


  1. Pets like things that are not theirs hehe, is funny how cats love to fit in boxes. My dog on the other hand love shewing everything he grabs and is not his, heheh last time my dad lost a pencil it did felt from his shirt and Pi (my dog) found it , well I got it on time before he swallow it , but is useless now .

  2. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving w/ our 2nd Family indeed. I love what you wrote... friends ARE the family we choose! 20 years strong you & I. Amazing!


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