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ELF Evil Everyday Eyes - Cruella

Are you excited to get a closer look at these ELF Disney kits..?? I am!! I decided to begin with the neutral palette in this ELF Disney collection since that seems to be the one that everyone is excited about.


Note: These kits are Walgreens exclusives and can be VERY hard to find.

Each book includes:
8 Eyeshadows
2 Lip & Cheek Color Pencils
1 Eyeshadow Primer
1 Liquid Eyeliner
1 set of False Eyelashes
1 Lash Adhesive Glue
1 Built-in Mirror

The film of plastic is still on the mirror in the picture below.

Day Evil
These swatches have been done without a base. The colors are much brighter with a good base.
  I really like the ELF false lashes & I think the pair included in this set is VERY pretty.
The eyeshadows are nice, but a GOOD primer brings out the best in them. Sadly I think you need a better primer than the ELF one included in this kit. This lip/cheek color is slightly hard and I don't see myself using it on my cheeks, but I can see this being a good color on my lips with a little gloss on top since it does seem a bit dry. 

I love that each book comes with instructions on how to do a day and a night look! The look above is the day look..

Night Villain
These swatches have been done without a base. The colors are much brighter with a good base.

I thought I would be disappointed with the black eyeliner in this kit, but so far I really like it. The color is perfect and the thin tip makes it easy to apply.
This lip/cheek color for the night look is much smoother and creamier. I hope they add these to their regular makeup line.

How to achieve the night villain look is above.

I know a lot of people have said that these books aren't worth $10 each, but I disagree!! You get a lot of products and information for such a small price tag!

Blog posts on the other two books will be posted this week too. 

Do you think these books are worth the $10 price tag?


  1. i think it's a great kit, from what i see. The eyeshadows in the lower part look awesome!

  2. Just love it those are my shades, and I think If I had this one I would use the stain only for the cheeks for the lips it is too bright for me


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