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**NEW** ELF Brushes

ELF has been coming out with great products lately. The items I am most impressed with are their brushes. Here are some of their new makeup brushes and my impression.

ELF Studio Pointed Foundation Brush 
 Create a flawless face with the Pointed Foundation brush. This Taklon brush features a tapered brush head for precise application with an even, streak-free and flawless finish. Perfect for concealing, highlighting, and contouring. Ideal for use with liquid, cream or powder foundation products - can be used with wet or dry products. Become a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this studio foundation brush. - From
This is the brush I use the least. It's a good firm brush, but I just don't like it for foundation. I feel like this would be a great brush for those that like to contour their faces since this brush allows you to get into the hollows of your cheeks very well.

ELF Studio Angled Blush Brush
The slanted shape of the Angled Blush Brush offers precision application for a sculpted look. The soft dense bristles contours facial features easily. Use with cream, liquid or powder blush, bronzers or highlighters for a professional result.
I think this is a really good blush brush and great for contouring your cheeks. I won't say this is the best brush I've ever tried, but the quality is really good and a great deal for $3.

ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush
Use the Small Stipple Brush to create soft layers by adding texture for a natural airbrushed result. The two layers of bristles create ultimate control from sheer to heavy coverage for small and hard to reach places. Ideal with liquid, cream or powder products, foundation, concealer, and cream blush.
My favorite brush of the bunch!! I use this brush to apply foundation and blush..I LOVE IT!! The bristles are soft, yet firm enough to really blend your foundation/blush in. I love that this is smaller than a regular stippling brush, I feel like it allows me to have more control over how well I blend out my blush. 

ELF Studio Small Tapered Brush
 The tapered head of the Small Tapered Brush makes application easy for reaching small crevices for a flawless finish. This precision brush is perfect for contouring and creating even coverage. Use with powder to set under the eye, on the hollows of the cheek to contour with bronzer, or use with foundation to achieve a light finish.
Another brush I am truly loving! So far I have used this brush to apply blush, highlight color, and to set powder under my eyes. This is a great multipurpose brush! 

I highly suggest you add these new ELF brushes to your collection. At $3 each you are getting good quality brush at a great price.


  1. I tried to buy some brushes and some of the other new products last night, but none of the coupon codes were working! All of the 50% off codes said they were for new customers only. I am NOT paying $3 for this stuff..sooo expensive haha

    1. LOL I'm sure there will be some type of discount code up soon. The stipple brush and small tapered brush ARE worth the $3 though.

  2. Should i buy the studio small tapered brush or the studio blush brush? I'll only be using the brush for blush, but which is good in size? Most of my blushes are the studio blushes from E.l.f!

    1. I recommend the small tapered brush since it can be used for blush and for highlight.

  3. ha, just pay through can use the same old coupon and not have to be a new customer


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