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Gratitude Monday

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a great week! I know Mondays often suck so I post all the things I'm grateful for from the previous week to make the beginning of the week feel easier. 

1. Diner dinners with my mom. Waiters/Waitresses hate us!! We spend 20 minutes figuring out what we're going to eat and another 1-2 hours eating our food and talking. We have the best conversations!
2. A FULL weekend with my hubby..this is a rarity and I loved every minute of it.
3. 20% off coupon to Ulta. Sephora didn't have their usual Friends & Family sale this year so Ulta got my business this year with their 20% off sale. I bought the Urban Decay Vice Palette. 
4. A FULL day with my nieces and nephew. This is the first time my oldest niece and nephew met my youngest niece and they all got along so great! It was nice to have them all together.
5. Costume shopping. Like I've said earlier, Halloween is my favorite 'holiday' and I love going costume shopping. For Halloween we have a Minnie Mouse, Furry Monster, and a Special Ops person below..

 What are you grateful for..?


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