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DIY - ZPalette Dupe

I was sorting through all of my makeup the other day and I realized that I had a lot of unloved eyeshadows. Most of the eyeshadows that didn't receive any love were singles, which got me thinking that I should try to depot them and put them all into one place. I had seen the ZPalettes at makeup shows before and that was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of putting them all in one place. When I saw the price tag of $20 + shipping I knew I could come up with something else. $20 for a box with a magnetic strip inside seemed kind of excessive. 

Here is what I came up with.

Cute right?

Here's what you'll need..
-A container to use as your palette. I used a craft organizer box, but there are other things that would work very well like - a CD case, a DVD case, or a pencil case.
-Magnetic Sheets. Try to get the kind with the tack on the back, it will be less work for you!
-A pen.
-Scissors or a razor blade.
-Duck Tape. Optional!!!

How to:
Place your empty palette on top of the magnetic strip and trace the shape of the box onto the magnetic strip. 
Cut the outline of the box out of the magnetic strip. 
Remove the film on the magnetic sheet and place inside box. That's it!!!
If you want to decorate your box then you can wrap it in pretty duck tape or anything else you fancy.

Here are some of my loose eyeshadows in their new home..

For those that are more visual I included a video too!

Overall I spent $17 & I have enough material to make at least 3 ZPalettes. I could probably make at least 5 if I use some old DVD cases, but I don't need that many. . If you have some of these things in your home already then the cost will be even less for you.


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