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How Clean is Your Toothbrush??

I don't normally do videos or blog entries like this, but when I read about what Steripod does and prevents I decided to try it for myself and share the information with you too. The idea of having particles that were in my toilet also in my mouth did not sit well with me!

Watch the video below for the story that scarred me for life!!

Clinical research shows your toothbrush can be a hotbed for bacteria. So can the air in your bathroom! Meaning particles from your toilet could be on your toothbrush. Yes, that's right..poop can be on your toothbrush!!

With the patented steripod toothbrush sanitizer, you can help ensure your toothbrush remains hygienic at all times. Yet steripod s totally non-toxic. Unlike other toothbrush sterilizers, steripod needs no cables or batteries!

How it Works
The steripod toothbrush sanitizer constantly releases germ fighting vapors. Once opened, each steripod lasts up to 3 months. steripod has been tested and proven microbiologically.

Save 25%
Get 25% off of your first Steripod purchase by clicking on the link above, Liking Steripod's Facebook page and selecting your new Steripod!

FTC - This is a sponsored video. Please note: That even though this video may be sponsored the opinions in this review are 100% honest.


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