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Gratitude Monday

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!! I know Mondays are hard for most of us so I post the things that I am grateful for on Mondays to make the week a little easier to manage. Afterall there was a Monday in last week too.  ;)

1. Reading. Summer tends to be the time I read the most. I slow everything down and just leave room for the fun things. So far every week this summer I've read two books. These are the two I read last week.

2. Parks. The hubby and I have made it a habit to get out 3-4 times a week and walk in the park. The uninterrupted alone time makes for some great conversations. 

3. Family time. Last week I was able to see both sides of the family (hubby's & mine) and it was nice just being around them.

4. Being called Tia by Mia (niece). We hung out with Mia on Saturday and she took us to the park while we took her to Friendly's. I'm serious she walked us/directed us to the park!! While the hubby went to pay for the food I started coaxing her to call me Tia, it worked!! Within 2 minutes she wouldn't stop calling me!!!!

5. Lazy Sundays. I didn't do anything, but read and watch romantic movies yesterdays and it was great!!

What are you grateful for??


  1. Ah I love your font! so easy on the eyes :) Family time - what I love the most ^_^


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