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Miss Jessie's Free Samples!!

I recently learned that Miss Jessie's sends out free samples and I thought I would share what samples I received. I must admit this samples are pretty generous!! 

Here are the samples I picked. 

They even sent a cute bag, which I think I will use as a lunch bag for work. 

Super Sweetback Treatment

 Pillow Soft Curls

 Curly Meringue

I love that Miss Jessie's is proud to NOT test on animals.

You can get your Free Samples here!


  1. Thanks for telling us about the free samples from Miss Jessie's! I'm going to sign up right after this comment.

  2. I received my samples last week. I chose the Curly Meringue and the Creme de la Curl shampoo and conditioner. I really didn't like the Creme de la Curl products but the Curly Meringue was OK. How did you like the Pillow Soft Curls? The site sent me a coupon code and I was thinking about purchasing it because I've heard good things about it.

    1. It's a lot thinner then Curly Meringue so I think it might be better for thinner, not very course hair. I really liked it though.


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