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Gratitude Monday

I feel like this last week has been a complete whirlwind!! I can't believe we're back to Monday again and that the 4th of July is this week!! In an effort to make Mondays better, I've decided to make them Gratitude Mondays and give you a short list of the things I am grateful for that have occurred in the past 7 days. Looking back at what makes you happy is always a great way to set the tone for the week.

1. Last week moved at lightening quick speed & sometimes we just need it to be that way!!
2. Learning how to make homemade lemonade without spending hours on squeezing lemons. Note: I LOVE lemonade.  =)
3. Spending a lazy Saturday with the hubby. We did NOTHING & it was glorious.
4. Family gathering yesterday. Note: These often make me grateful that we don't have kids. ;)
5. The blooper reel I have from recording the $20 makeup challenge with my sister yesterday. If only we had left the camera on the whole time we would have ANOTHER video out of all of those bloopers.
6. This guy...he does some ODD things..but it always makes me smile!!
 I have NO idea why he's raising his hand!! Maybe he has a question?

What happened last week that makes you feel grateful?


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