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Don't Feel the Burn

I've purchased two products recently that have REALLY burned my eyes. I would like to spare you the pain, so be sure to NOT buy these products.

Sephora Instant Eye Makeup Remover
WOW this felt like I was pouring straight alcohol onto my eyes. I've never used a makeup remover that has stung my eyes this badly. I was tearing for hours after I tried this. I can't even tell you if it removes makeup well because once I felt the burn I stopped using it. OUCH!!


Physicians Formula Hydrating Eye Cream
I understand why this product is on clearance!! I felt a tightening sensation a few minutes after I tried this product and my first thought was wow this really works!! A half hour later that stinging turned into burning and itching. Needless to say this left my eye area very irritated. 

Do not buy these products!!


  1. ooh thank you for the headsup!

  2. the physicians formula eye cream kinda gave me a chemical burn, I used it over my Roc cream with retinol and I woke up the next morning with what felt like a sunburn! Thanks for sharing this so others don't have to deal with it too!


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