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NYX Xtreme Lip Creams are My New Favorite Thing!!

A few months ago I was raving about the NYX Soft Matte Cream Lip Cream, well NYX has gone & improved on their greatness!! NYX has added another type of lip cream to their line and this one is even BETTER than the soft matte lip creams! 

 Buttery Nude & Absolute Red

I like these better than the matte lip creams, because they don't dry my lips out at all. These feel like a true blend of lipstick (pigmented) and a gloss (nice sheen). For about $6 each I feel the need to own EVERY color (of course!!). At the moment I don't think I've loved a lip product as much as I love this one!!

Note: Some people have complained about the smell/taste, but the two I've tried don't seem to have any smell/taste.

Have you tried these lip creams..??


  1. I love the matte lip creams but I have yet to try this. I think Ulta has a sale on NYX, I may just pick up 1.


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