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I Do Declare That I Am Not a Southern Belle!

I'm sure you're all dying to know what I do on the weekends..(I kid, I kid!!)  Most weekends are spent driving around ogling houses we can't afford and looking for a new favorite place to eat. Just last weekend we went to a wine tasting and a roller derby, on the same day!! We're classy with a touch of This weekend we went to a Kentucky Derby party (classy) & we had a great time!! 

Here are a few pictures to prove what a Southern Belle I can be (not!!).

 Dress: Forever 21
Hat: Banana Republic
Shoes: Target

My hubby won best dressed male. I loved his outfit.
 Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Bow Tie: The Tie Bar
Shoes: Payless
Hat: H&M

We needed a good picture with our hats. 

The two best dressed people at our table!! Hubby won best dressed male & Mia (our niece) won best dressed girl.

My sister Caitlin & Mia. Doesn't Mia look ready to get her nails painted??

Place Your Bets!! 

For some reason I adore this picture!! She's always trying to take off whatever lip product I'm wearing. She's a future beauty lover, I just know it!!

My brother Brian and his dog Paisley wore matching bow ties, how cute!! Paisley won best accessorized

My in laws. You ever met that couple that just inspires you?? They are that couple for me!! They love each other and their family so much, it's beautiful

By the way...we ALL picked the wrong horse!! LOL

What did you do this weekend??


  1. loved your derby outfit!!! I went to the Virginia Gold Cup, which is essentially like the Derby just less formal!  So many fun hats and dresses you would love it!

  2. you two are so cute and your bro and his dog in matching bow ties... adorable! thanks for sharing!!


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