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Food Truck Wars

The hubby & I consider ourselves foodies. We may not always go to the most elegant places, but as long as the food is good you can count us in! The past weekend there was a Food Truck War where all of the local food trucks competed in different catergories, of course we went. =)

Here are a few of the trucks we saw. We weren't able to get close to each one since the event was packed!!

Mustache Mobile

ahh! la cart

King of Treats

A local newspaper even has a truck called Vote Munch where they travel around the US finding the best foods.

We had BBQ pulled pork on a Belgian waffle & it was amazing!! The truck Wafles & Dinges (yes I spelled that correctly) that we bought this from actually has a truck in Central Park, it's right by the Turtle Pond.

This is just to give you an idea how crowded the event was. Each line had at least an hour wait and it was extremely hot and humid!!

If you wanted to get away from the huge crowds you could go to the Beer Garden where some local breweries were giving out samples of their beer.

The hubby getting ready to enjoy some Mother's

Me enjoying a new favorite beer - Shiner Ruby Redbeer. This beer had ginger and grapefruit in it, a perfect summer beer!!

We made the best of the long lines and enjoyed some beer and took pictures as we waited.
btw - the waffle truck won in several catergories!! That's a picture of it behind us.
I hope you enjoyed the peek into our Sunday.


  1. dude! where was this?! was this on gov island?

  2. Thanks for testing my comments!! This was at Monmouth Raceway in NJ.

  3. How fun! My husband and I love trying new food places, and have a few favorite haunts.

  4. yum! i've seen a few food trucks in dc & i'm looking forward to hunting them down to try their food :) the beer you had sounds perfect for summer days!


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