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Cure Your Bad Breath with Orabrush

Have you ever encountered someone with breath so bad that you have to take a step back? You offer a breath mint & gum and they refuse to take it?? I have!!!

90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue!! Did you know that?? While brushing your tongue can help to remove some of it, essentially you are just moving it around your mouth. So how can you get your tongue to be really clean?? Try Orabrush!! It actually scrapes the bacteria off of your tongue so that you no longer have to worry about bad breath!!

I understand having some hesitation about trying an item from a sponsored post, but you know that I don't ever support a product that I don't personally use.

I give a demonstration on how to use the Orabrush in the video below.

Ok so now that I've scared you into NOT wanting to be that person that everyone offers mints to I'm giving you a chance to get a FREE Orabrush!! Go to  and you can get your first Orabrush for free!!

 FTC - I did receive this product for free.


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