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Do You Buy Yourself A Birthday Gift?

I do!!!

Note: This isn't some type of pity party thing, it's a treat & an excuse to buy myself something pretty.  =)

Here's what I'm thinking of buying myself for my b-day (April 25th).

Alexis Russell Large Rough Diamond Stud Earrings
Aren't they so pretty?!?! I love how these earrings are so delicate/unfinished!! 
From the Alexis Russell website:
Organic, earthy and chic.
These are meant for the "not so typical diamond stud" gal...a modern, updated version.
To me, they're kind of humorous and cheeky. Your typical 14kt gold prong setting, but instead of a flashy, perfect, white diamond, you'll find a stunning, totally unusual rough white diamond. They even have the mixed metal feel, with the gold against the silvery diamond.
The perfect, simple stud you can throw on every day. I haven't taken mine off since I made them. ;)
approximately 7-8mm

You can buy these earrings here!

So do you buy yourself a birthday gift?


  1. I buy myself a birthday gift all the time. Even when it's not my birthday lol. Who knows what you want better than you! And by the way these earrings are so unique and pretty!

  2. I did once I gave myself a Paco Rabanne parfum. I did ask the lady to wrap it on a nice paper . On my birthday day i did open it . Sounds silly. lol cause my birthday falls on a holiday nobody remembers it so giving myself a present is a nice option

  3. It's not silly at all! You deserve a nice present.
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  4. I bought myself a Clarisonic Mia for my birthday this year, and indulged in some shoe/clothing shopping as well, since I haven't bought much in the past year. Always good to indulge yourself, especially on your birthday :) those earrings are quite unique!

  5. Agreed! Indulging once in a while is good. =)

    Subject: [notarichgirl] Re: Not A Rich Girl: Do You Buy Yourself A Birthday Gift?

  6. Approve.

    Subject: [notarichgirl] Re: Not A Rich Girl: Do You Buy Yourself A Birthday Gift?


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