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Ireland - What We Learned

Traveling is always fun because you get to learn and experience a new way of life. Here are a few things we learned while in Dublin. 

If you need to relieve yourself, you ask for the toilet. 
Don't ask for the bathroom or restroom, they will look at you quite oddly when you do.

 The portion of liquid that is lost in liquor barrels due to evaporation is called the angel's share.

The public transportation in Dublin is amazing. Clean buses and trains that actually come on time and have easy to follow maps with the stops in bold print. Plus they have electric signs that let you know when the next bus is coming, unheard of in my area!!

Refrigeration is optional.
Who needs a fridge when you have a window sill?

 10am is a perfectly acceptable time to have a pint of Guinness.

 Don't forget on St. Patrick's Day while you're having your pint to say Sláinte (cheers/to your health)!!


  1. I look at anyone who says "restroom" "washroom" or "bathroom" oddly. Crazy Ameerikans xD, although seriously, I wonder when the deviation from saying toilet occurred and for what reason?

  2. Toilets just sounds so vulgar. Lol
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