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Come to Ireland with Us!! - Part 1

We're back!! Our Ireland trip has come and gone, but we had a fantastic time & have some great pictures and stories to tell. I thought I would share a few pictures with you, well more than a few because I had to break this post into two parts.  ;)

The Fleet Street Hotel
This is where we stayed. The hotel had all that we needed, but lacked a little of what we wanted (space!!). I would gladly stay here again though, the location was perfect for everything we wanted.

Ha'penny Bridge

We played tourist with the best of them and visited every major attraction with the little time we had.

The Old Jameson Distillery
We are now certified Jameson whiskey tasters.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
The pictures do not do this cathedral justice, it is absolutely beautiful. I had goosebumps the minute we walked in.

Guinness Storehouse
We took the Guinness tour and of course tasted some Guinness! My favorite Guinness fact is: Arthur Guinness didn't have the money to buy the land that this brewery was built on, but he was able to lease it. He leased this land for a 9,000 year lease at £45 per year for the unused brewery. What a bargain!

The very top floor of the Guinness Storehouse is called the gravity bar (where you get your free pint) and you have a panoramic view of Dublin. See the guy above us taking in the view..?? lol

Our nights were spent like the locals at bars enjoying the live music.

We were also lucky enough to see some Irish dancing, they had such talent. I could have watched them dance every night!

Part 2 will be up tomorrow.  =)


  1. great pics, can't wait to read & see part 2 :) irish dancing is no joke! I had to learn some once in hs and I don't think my feet will ever move that fast again!

  2. Wonderful! I hope that you can make it to Fleet Street London one day. YOu and I can have a pint (or more) and then go off in search of the Demon Barber!

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes!
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  4. You should, it's an amazing place.
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