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Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo Review

Remember how much I loved talking about Suave dry shampoo a few months ago?? 

Well, they've gone ahead and IMPROVED it!! 
Let me introduce you to Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo AKA The Miracle Worker for Bad Hair Days! 

This refreshing dry shampoo formulated with KERALOCK TECHNOLOGY contains keratin and absorbs oils to help clean your hair so it's refreshed, smooth and manageable between regular washes.
Contains keratin & absorbs oils to:
  • Refresh hair
  • Extend your blowout
  • Revive volume
Shake can well before and during application. Hold 8-10 inches away from hair and spray directly on oily roots. Use your fingers to rub in excess powder, brush through. Can also spray on washed hair to give extra volume and texture, as well as to absorb oil throughout the day. If dispenser clogs, rinse with warm water.
Information is from the Suave website. 
Before I begin my rambling about how much I love this, let me show you some pictures.

Unwashed hair, it's been about 2 days since I washed my hair here.

With the dry shampoo in my hair.

 I shook the dry shampoo out. My hair looks freshly washed & has a lot more volume. Did you notice my hair looks lighter?? That's because when my hair gets oily it looks a lot darker, the lighter hair color is not a result of NOT properly brushing out the dry shampoo.

  • Affordable - $3.49 at most drugstores.
  • Easy to find. This will be readily available at most drugstores by the end of January. 
  • Pleasant smell. This smells like a light hairspray.
  • Absorbs the oil in your hair.
  • Adds volume & texture.
  • Easy to brush out., most of the time I just use my fingers to rub this in.
  • Finer mist than any other dry shampoo, which allows you to aim the spray where you want it. 
  • Leaves my hair looking shiny, I've never had a dry shampoo do that before. 
  • None!
I really am loving this dry shampoo. My favorite part is that it's easy to brush out, most dry shampoos take several minutes to fully be brushed out of my hair. If you're looking for a new dry shampoo or have never found a dry shampoo that you've liked then I really suggest trying this one!

FTC - I was sent this product by Suave to review, but that does not change my opinion. I think this is an amazing product and I will happily spend my own money to buy a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bottle.


  1. I have been wanting to try a dry shampoo. The price on this one is making me want to go out and try

  2. You really should, its a great product.
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