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New Physicians Formula Products Part 2!

Remember my recent entry on the new Physicians Formula products?
Well I was able to find them already!! 
Some are hits and there's one miss. 
I will let you guess which is which, for now I will show you how pretty they are in person.  =)

Which product do you think is the miss?


  1. I've heard the lippies aren't that great, but I'm betting the blush was a miss!

  2. I guess the happy boaster lipstick is the miss? I will love to see the 4 seasons bronze result

  3. I would go with the bronzer because it looks so shimmery and I've had that problem with one of their bronzer!

  4. I'm guessing the Happy Booster Lipstick!

  5. The blush is the miss!! However I love the packaging on the lipstick!!

  6. I think I would skip the bronzer - but everything else looks fab!

  7. Oh my gosh...that lipstick is TOO adorable.
    & I think that maybe the bronzer was the miss......
    Can't wait for a detailed post!!


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