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Daily Dazzle Deal - Anne Klein Purse

A rarely mentioned love of mine is purses. I've always been into medium-large purses, a small bag just isn't going to cut it!! My sister and I decided to *collaborate and show you some of the styles of purses that can be found on her Ebay store - Daily Dazzle Deals.

Here is my current favorite purse - Anne Klein Zebra Print Purse.
The style is classic, yet the print makes it pop!!

Don't you love the Lion?!? 
It's such a personal touch, I've been asked several times if it's my lucky charm.

The inside of the bag is also lined with zebra print (and several pockets), the lining is very easy to wipe down in case you have any spills.

This bag also includes a strap that allows you to wear the purse on your shoulder.

The strap clips on and off very easily.
*collaborate - FTC - I didn't pay for this purse, but does that really matter?? This purse is fab!!

What purse are you currently using??


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