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Cherry Culture Haul -- Milani + NYX

A few weeks ago I bought a few things from Cherry Culture when they were having a sale. I know most of you appreciate a good haul so I thought I would share this with you.

Milani Bare Nail Polish in Teddy Bear & Bare in Mine. I love the Milani polishes from this collection, they are the perfect neutral shades.

NYX Matte Lipsticks in Natural & Sweet Pink. I love these!!

Swatches - Natural (left) & Sweet Pink (right.

I also bought ANOTHER neutral palette. 
NYX Butt "Naked" Eyes

A closer look at the eyeshadows, these don't have names.

Top row.

Middle Row. Those two colors in the center are gorgeous!!

Bottom Row.

Let's take a closer look at the cheek products.

Swatches - The blushes.

Swatches - The bronzers/highlighter.

Overall I'm not crazy about this palette, some of the eyeshadows are VERY chalky and crumble a bit when you apply them (see middle row pic for reference). I will say that I will be keeping this palette just for the few gorgeous eyeshadow colors and the amazing cheek products.

What have you hauled lately?


  1. UMM i wanted to ask you about the quality of those milani polishes...are they any good?

  2. I've only tried 3 so far and they are very good.
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  3. Great haul! The colours look great against your skin!

  4. nice haul - the lipsticks look so bright and springy :) 


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