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OPI - The Muppets Nail Polish Collection + Swatches

I don't know about you, but I LOVE The Muppets!! Every time I think of The Muppets the song below ALWAYS pops into my head. So darn catchy!!

Note: For those that don't want to read this post, there's a video below with swatches.

When I found out that OPI was coming out with a collection for The Muppets movie I had to go check it out & pick up a few goodies! 

The Miss Piggy collection - Simply Moi! 

The Muppets collection - filled with LOTS of glitter!

Here's what I picked up from the collection: The Mini Nail Laquers, Divine Swine, & Rainbow Connection.

A closer look at the minis: (left to right) Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi, Designer be Better, and Warm & Fozzy.

Rainbow Connection - This is supposed to be a dupe for the Deborah Lipman Birthday nail polish.

Divine Swine - This color looks like perfection in the bottle.

Swatches - All of the swatches are with two coats of polish.

Rainbow Connection - I need about 8 coats of nail polish to get this to look as good as it does in the bottle, still pretty though!

Divine Swine - I think this would look better with 3 coats of polish. A great color!

Excuse Moi - I think I will use this color more in the Spring, great color payoff.

Wocka Wocka - ehh this isn't anything special to me.

Designer Be Better - Honestly this color is GORGEOUS in person, it has these amazing copper flecks in it that just makes this an amazing color. I think I will be buying a full sized bottle of this.

Warm & Fozzy - A great fall color!

Another set of swatches...

Warm & Fozzy

Designer Be Better (thumb), Wocka Wocka (index finger), Excuse moi (middle finger), Divine Swine (ring finger), Rainbow Connection (pinky)

I know a lot of people have said that they have had problems finding these polishes, but currently has them & with shipping they are still cheaper than what I paid for them at Ulta.

Have a great weekend!


  1. so excited for the muppet movie too! I love designer de better such a pretty color :-)

  2. Designer Be Better looks AMAZING I will be buying this!!


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