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I Am Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

As we all know today (although it shouldn't only be one day) is the day to be thankful for everyone & everything in your life. Several years ago I made a list on Myspace (yes you KNOW that was a while ago) about all of the people I am thankful for & I decided to create an updated version. Some of the people's names may remain anonymous just because I like the mystery.  ;)

I am thankful for..
  • My mother. I can call her 20 times a day & she is always willing to listen to me vent & always offers me amazing advice.
  • My grandfather. For teaching me that being yourself is the best thing that a person can do. 
  • My sister. It doesn't matter how many days/weeks we spend apart when we talk things always just click. 
  • My husband. He really is THE best, you are my best friend & every day I find something new to love about you.
  • My nieces & nephew. These 3 never fail to make me laugh & they fill my heart with so much love.
  • My aunts, uncles, & cousins. They are always there for me & they constantly show me what it means to be a giving person.
  • My OTHER mom & dad. They've always treated me like a part of their family even before my hubby & I got married & I truly appreciate that.
  • My brothers in law/sister in law. They're not only family, but amazing friends.
  • The horsemen. All 3 of you have helped shaped who I am as a person & I am so thankful/honored to call you my friends, even though we all know you are my family too. 
  • Carlos. Yup, the ONLY person who actually gets his name here. I love you & am so thankful to have someone in my life that understands/loves me the way that you do.
  • The "group". I am thankful that you treat me like one of the guys. 
  • Bloggers. I am so happy to have gotten to know so many of you, you truly are beautiful people inside & out. 

I am thankful for MUCH more, but that was just a short list.

Who/What are you thankful for today?


  1. Thankful to God for all the awesome blessings in my life, the trials too. So thankful for family.
     You are a fine example of that.. you are an intelligent and beautiful young woman who makes me proud to be "titi Lola!!.

    Love you! 

  2. MySpace! lol  I had a blog post on there about what I was thankful for too, hehe.  We should be MySpace friends, no? har har

    Sounds like you have a lot of family and great people in your life! =)

  3. Haha!!!!!
    I have some amazing people in my life, I'm very lucky! I hope you had a great thanksgiving! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


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