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You Have How Many Shampoo/Conditioners in Your Shower?!?!

Last night as I was scrub-a-dubbin in my tub and I realized I had a lot of shampoo/conditioners. I mean a lot!!! No, I don't have a large shower area...just a very patient husband and a shower curtain with pockets. The shower curtain with pockets may be the best $20 I've ever spent, it allows me to have (hoard) all the beauty products I want in the shower at once. 

Here's the magical unicorn shower curtain.
Awesome right??
FYI - This is NOT my bathroom...

So back to the topic at hand...
how many shampoo/conditioners do I have in the shower?? 
Let's take a look..

Cibu Washabi
Technically I use this as a body wash, but it IS also a shampoo so it counts...kinda..

Cibu Geishalicious Shampoo & Conditioner
I use this when I want to wear my hair VERY wavy/curly.

Fortune Cookie Hawaiian Ice Shampoo Bar 
I use this when I'm in a really big rush because it suds up & rinses out very quickly, plus the shine it gives me is amazing.  

John Freida Root Awakening Shampoo/Conditioner
This is my favorite shampoo/conditioner!! It cleanses and moisturizers without weighing it down. I use this when I want to wear my hair natural.

Organix Brazilian Keratin Shampoo/Conditioner
I use these when I feel I SHOULD wash my hair, but my hair isn't really showing any signs of needing to be washed. This is super gentle!!

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo/Conditioner
I use this when I want to wear my hair straight. I feel like this weighs my hair down a little, just enough to make blow drying very easy.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
My favorite deep conditioner!! I use this once a week, and when my hair is very dry I just leave it on all day and wear my hair in a bun. I always apply this before getting into a pool or being out in the sun for hours, this makes it harder for chemicals to damage my hair.

L'oreal Sublime Mousse Conditioner
Bleh..this is ok, but really I only use it right after I dye my hair.

That brings the grand total to 6 Shampoos and 6 Conditioners!!!
I may or may not have more in my closet..*hangs head in shame* ok I do!! Don't judge!!  ;)

How many shampoos/conditioners are in your shower?


  1. I've had a few different one's as well at some point, but just now I'm trying to get through body wash lol.

    I got a few for xmas and I bought the Soap & Glory Big Pink Box. =)

  2. Your husband must love you VERY much xD
    Honestly I don't feel bad anymore with my 4 bottles of shampoo conditioner, 1 body scrub, 2 body washes n 3 different face cleansers....

  3. I have 3 conditioners in my shower!! :)

  4. 6!!! No wonder your hair is always perfect! I have been using John Frieda Frizz Eaze but sometimes I use Hiro's head and shoulders because it's minty fresh!

  5. I have only two of each as I like to switch things up a bit every once in a while (:


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