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L'Oreal The One Sweep Eye Shadow

I'm sure many of you by now have come across this L'oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow at your drugstores. I'm sure the first question you asked yourself when you saw this was - Does it work?? Well I'm here to tell you...YES it does!! There are some MAJOR buts though..

This is what the One Sweep looks like on my eye, subtle right?? Now this can be a GREAT thing for people that are new to makeup and want a simple natural look, for those that are a little more experienced in makeup this may not be worth the price tag.

Let's hear some pros & cons about this One Sweep.

  • You get more than one color in one sweep.
  • Eye shadow has zero fall out.
  • Great for beginners in makeup & those in a rush since you just need one sweep per eye.
  • You don't need to do any blending.
  • Expensive!! Most drugstores in my area have this for $10 or up.
  • The results are VERY natural and you can't really see all three colors, I only see two colors when I look closely.
  • You may need more than One Sweep to cover your whole eye.
Overall - This isn't a bad product, but I don't see it as a must have for anyone. This is a good product for beginners in makeup who aren't looking for anything more than a natural look. I only suggest buying this product if you're curious and if this product is on sale. Note: The darker palettes may have a better color pay off, but so far I've only tried two of the palettes with more subtle colors.

Have you tried the One Sweep Eye Shadow? Let me know what you think about it!


  1. Interesting product since you apply three colours in just one sweep. But is there a need to still blend them or do they look just fine even without blending?

  2. Blending isn't need since the colors are so light.

  3. I guess it's targeted at the women that are in a rush. Although, I'm a bit apprehensive because I'm of east asian descent and we have monolids, it just seems a little bit messy for us. LOL

  4. I agree, go with the darker colors.  The lighter colors do not show up on my light skin.  I was surprised it does work with a couple swipes and look decent.  Thanks.

  5. It does look sheer, but nice for a natural look!

  6. I've been curious about this for a while and thought it would bide well with my  laziness xD
    Kind of pricey tho.


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