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Drugstore Spotting

I was walking around Harmons (Face Values in some areas) the other day and I came across a few new makeup displays. Here's what you can look forward to seeing at your drugstores soon.

Wet N Wild Holiday Magic
This is the actual display, but I know some of the palettes in this are wrong because I've seen them before.

Wet N Wild Sparkle City - Pretty to look at, but I'm not that into sparkle.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Now this is something I have never heard of, maybelline makes a lip balm?!?! I'm going to pick this up next time. 

Have you seen anything new while visiting your drugstore lately?


  1. App that Maybelline baby lips balm is freaking awesome sauce!

  2. Ogling the new Wet n Wild!

  3. I MUST try that Baby Lips! Nice Blog :)

  4. God I would love to shop over in America!


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