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New Cibu Products!

For my long time blog readers, you all know that I am a HUGE fan of Cibu. 
For those of you that aren't familiar with the brand you can read some of my reviews here: Spring Roll Line,  Ancient Serum,  Pho Finish, Origumi, Root Booster, & Miso Knotty. I told you I like Cibu!! lol

The lovely Jenn from Cibu sent me some of their new products to test & as usual I am loving them!!
What is it? 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo + Body Wash
Why I like it? It's sulfate free so it doesn't dry my skin out, it actually leaves my skin moisturized. It has a nice minty feeling on your skin and I feel like it wakes me up a bit. The scent is clean and stays on your skin all day long, but it doesn't overwhelm you. Note: The hubby also likes this because the smell is very unisex. 
What I don't like about this? Nada!! 
My Favorite Way to Use this? I LOVE to use this as a shaving cream!! My skin feels so smooth after and I feel like I get a closer shave when I use this. 
Buy here!

What is it? A color protecting shampoo & conditioner that keeps color treated hair vibrant and hydrated.
 Why I like it? Another sulfate free product!! I wasn't really a fan of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner until Cibu came along. Cibu does a GREAT job of making sulfate free shampoo that still lather and leave your hair feeling clean. I like that the conditioner is 12 oz & the shampoo is 16.9, everyone runs out of shampoo first. I LOVE how this brings out the natural texture in my hair. Holy BATMAN this leaves my hair wavy/curly without any styling effort at all. 
What I don't like about it? I do feel like the conditioner isn't moisturizing enough for me, this conditioner may be better suited for thin hair. Also the shampoo and conditioner are the same price although the conditioner is smaller.
Buy here!

Cibu Spring Roll Perfume Roll On - not available for purchase yet!
What is it? Cibu Spring Roll scent in a roll on form.
What I like about it? The packaging is convenient and the smell is pleasant.
What I don't like about it? This does NOT smell like Cibu Spring Roll to me. Spring Roll is an amazing scent; best described by Jenn as Fruit Stripe gum - this smells nothing like that. 

Overall I am really loving the Washabi and Geishalicious shampoo & I would recommend them to everyone. They are regulars in my shower now. 

Will you be trying any of these new Cibu products?

FTC: I was sent these products for free, but I was in NO way compensated for these reviews. I just love Cibu. 


  1. washabi sounds like a nice product! I've actually tried the geishalicious s/c a while back, and agree that the conditioner could be a little more moisturizing, but they worked well to maintain color-treated hair. this reminds me that i need to get another jar of the spring roll conditioner - that stuff smells awesome!

  2. Thanks for the review! I agree with you about the Spring Roll fragrance roll. It smells nice but it doesn't smell exactly like the hair care products. Something to do with translating hair fragrance into parfum. For 9.99 is a great deal. Thanks again for the Cibu Love xoxo Jenn

    oooh PS any friend of Tammy is a friend of Cibu -- use code CIBULOVE for $5 off any $30 purchase.

  3. Any suggestions for a shampoo to replace Cibu's Lo Meintain?  My boyfriend says it's the ONLY shampoo that makes his hair not frizzy, and they've discontinued it :-(

  4. I'm not that familiar with the Cibu shampoo/conditioners. You should contact Jenn at Cibu, she's the brand manager and she's awesome about answering questions.


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