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Nails that Make You Raar!!

I found these nail polish strips at Mandees for $4! The brand name is Salon Style and they had at least 7 designs that I counted. The package for this came with only 12 strips so there will be some cutting to make the strips fit, but I really love these. In my opinion these adhere better, last longer, and are cheaper than the Sally Hansen brand. I'm going back for more soon!! Oh and did I mention that I put these ALL on in under3 minutes while I was watching True Blood??? I'm not sure if these strips are THAT easy to apply or I just didn't want to miss a minute of the sexy Viking...either way these nail polish strips get an A+ in my book! 


  1. Fantastic! Amazing price too!

  2. I agree! =)
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  3. I think I have to make a trip to Mandees! lmao

  4. OMg!! these are so cute!!!
    I need to find these in canada <3


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