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5 Minute Nails - No Drying Time!

I was given the opportunity from to try foil nail patches. I've never tried them before so I didn't know what to expect, but I can say I am pleasantly surprised!

These foil patches are applied the same way as nail polish strips. 
You apply them to clean, lightly buffed nails and they adhere to the nail immediately. 

I like these foil strips better than nail polish strips because there are so many designs to choose from!!! has over 100 design choices to choose from, in other words they have something for everyone!

Easy to apply.
Easy to remove.
Zero drying time.
You can put these on anywhere!
No smell at all!! I know the smell of nail polish bothers many people.
The designs offered are just as good/better as what you can get in the salon.

Does not last as long as regular nail polish/strips. 

I really like this product and would recommend it to everyone! Please note that these foil strips do not last as long as regular nail polish so I only suggest using them for 24-48 hours before they start to peel off.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to apply/remove these nail foil patches.

If you decide to try a few of these patches be sure to use code TAMMYK31 for 10% off of your order. has FREE shipping all the time.

FTC - I was sent this product by Born Pretty Store to try for free. I was NOT paid to make this video or to give my HONEST review.


  1. Cute! Great if you're in a hurry!

  2. Exactly!
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  3. Really want to try these stick on manicures! Thanks for sharing :) 



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