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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

One Lovely Blog Award

I was given a blog award by Cathy. For those that may not be familiar with her, she is a wonderful blogger who does great haul/honest product review post. You should check her blog out!!

Rules for the one lovely blog award:

- Nominate 16 other great bloggers. 
- Comment and let them know of the award.
7 Things About Me 
1. I ALWAYS have a book in my purse! If I'm not in the middle of reading a book I just feel off. 
2. My mom is still the first person I want to talk to when something is wrong. Sorry hubby..
3. I hate trying clothes on! I love new clothes, but the process of worrying if something will fit is enough for me not to want to shop.
4. I love Fall only for the return of my favorite TV shows & the anticipation of finding a new show I will love. I seriously watch TOO much TV come fall/winter..oh well.
5. Pepsi is my coffee. 
6. Mango is my FAVORITE fruit, but for the most part I hate mango flavored things..they just never get it right.
7. I'm secretly happy the NFL is playing this year..I can watch Gossip Girl in peace now..hehe!! 

The Awards
Ok that's not 16..oh well!! hehe!!

- Thank and link the blogger who has given you the award. 
- Copy and paste the logo in your blog.
- Share 7 things about yourself. 


  1. Omg!!! Re: number 6... FINALLY! Someone who understands! I love mangoes too! I can eat it all day long and all week long and never get sick of it. But I cannot stand mango flavored anything because I feel like I'm being lied to. Its fraud I tell u!

  2. Lol you are not alone!!
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  3. Thanks for tagging me! It's been a while since I did a tag, so I might do this one!

  4. I love your blog layout... question, How do you get the section that links you to the different section of your blog? For ex: "Home...about me/blog...adopt my make up...." 

  5. Yay! You're welcome.
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  6. Thanks! There's a section under design that allows you to make new pages (about me etc..). Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  7. Yay thanks for tagging me!! 


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